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Silver Airways87 Orlando 3:37pm D9A On Time 
Silver Airways135 Key West 4:22pm D9A On Time 
JetBlue1866 Boston 11:20am D8 Delayed 
JetBlue612 Newark 2:38pm D8 Now 3:56P 
JetBlue904 Hartford 1:33pm D8 Now 1:48P 
JetBlue482 Washington-DCA 5:28pm D8 Now 5:54P 
JetBlue1766 Boston 7:29pm D8 Now 8:15P 
JetBlue1512 Newark 9:40pm D8 On Time 
American2507 Dallas-Ft. Worth 6:59pm D7 On Time 
American2530 Chicago O Hare 1:10pm D7 Departed 
JetBlue1730 New York-JFK 6:55pm D6 On Time 
JetBlue2066 Boston 2:03pm D6 Now 2:14P 
JetBlue966 Boston 8:40pm D6 On Time 
JetBlue130 New York-JFK 3:12pm D6 Now 3:29P 
JetBlue1252 Westchester Cnty 12:04pm D6 Departed 
American703 Philadelphia 4:49pm D5 On Time 
American1652 Washington-DCA 12:04pm D5 Departed 
American1797 Washington-DCA 7:45pm D5 On Time 
Spirit365 Baltimore 7:54pm D4 On Time 
Spirit938 Atlantic City 6:55pm D4 Now 7:03P 
Spirit678 Detroit 4:45pm D4 Now 4:40P 
Spirit220 Chicago O Hare 11:48am D4 Departed 
Spirit958 Boston 8:59pm D4 On Time 
American1269 Dallas-Ft. Worth 1:30pm D3 Now 1:34P 
American1686 Philadelphia 12:08pm D3 Departed 
American1838 Charlotte 7:25pm D3 On Time 
American2046 Charlotte 2:45pm D3 On Time 
American2656 Charlotte 5:00pm D3 On Time 
Spirit318 Minneapolis 3:15pm D2 On Time 
Spirit960 Cleveland 7:45pm D2 On Time 
Spirit684 Detroit 9:26pm D2 On Time 
Spirit1554 Boston 4:54pm D2 Now 4:55P 
Spirit752 Columbus 5:55pm D2 Now 4:54P 
Spirit622 Detroit 12:20pm D2 Now 12:35P 
Spirit124 Chicago O Hare 5:51pm D10 On Time 
Spirit814 Hartford 8:20pm D10 On Time 
JetBlue930 New York-JFK 11:02am D10 Delayed 
American1815 Charlotte 11:57am D1 Departed 
American2759 Chicago O Hare 8:00pm D1 On Time 
American2362 Chicago O Hare 4:47pm D1 On Time 
American1697 Philadelphia 2:41pm D1 On Time 
Delta 3922 New York-JFK 7:05pm C9 On Time 
Delta 2898 New York-LGA 12:09pm C9 Departed 
Delta 1717 New York-JFK 12:23pm C9 Cancelled  
Delta 2893 Detroit 5:50pm C8 On Time 
Delta 2947 New York-LGA 3:48pm C8 Now 4:39P 
Delta 1050 Atlanta 2:59pm C8 On Time 
Delta 756 Cincinnati 1:04pm C8 Now 1:46P 
United Airlines1463 Chicago O Hare 7:25pm C7 On Time 
Delta 1628 Atlanta 7:47pm C6 On Time 
Delta 1727 Minneapolis 6:35pm C6 On Time 
Delta 957 Minneapolis 4:10pm C6 On Time 
Delta 1678 Minneapolis 12:37pm C6 Departed 
United Airlines1688 Chicago O Hare 4:20pm C5 On Time 
United Airlines1646 Houston-IAH 6:49pm C5 On Time 
United Airlines2404 Chicago O Hare 12:39pm C5 Departed 
Delta 1169 New York-LGA 6:55pm C4 On Time 
Delta 2396 Atlanta 5:36pm C4 On Time 
Delta 134 Detroit 1:59pm C4 On Time 
Delta 2883 Boston 8:30pm C4 On Time 
Delta 2177 Detroit 4:08pm C4 On Time 
United Airlines1636 Newark 12:35pm C3 Departed 
United Airlines1983 Newark 4:03pm C3 On Time 
United Airlines1076 Newark 7:02pm C3 On Time 
United Airlines1474 Denver 2:20pm C3 On Time 
Delta 801 Atlanta 1:25pm C2 Departed 
Delta 1136 Atlanta 4:10pm C2 On Time 
Delta 2730 Atlanta 6:42pm C2 On Time 
United Airlines2383 Cleveland 7:32pm C1 On Time 
West Jet1175 Toronto 1:40pm C1 Now 1:42P 
Southwest1958 Chicago-Midway 7:30pm B8 On Time 
Southwest6375 Chicago-Midway 3:00pm B8 On Time 
Southwest1200 Atlanta 12:55pm B8 Departed 
Southwest5639 Providence 8:45pm B8 On Time 
Southwest5748 Kansas City 5:00pm B8 Now 5:20P 
Frontier1317 Chicago O Hare 7:29pm B7 On Time 
Sun Country 388 Minneapolis 9:05pm B7 On Time 
Frontier1038 Philadelphia 4:30pm B7 On Time 
Sun Country 384 Minneapolis 11:50am B7 Departed 
Frontier1115 Cleveland 3:05pm B7 On Time 
Frontier1879 Colorado Springs 5:20pm B7 On Time 
Southwest5750 Milwaukee 2:55pm B6 On Time 
Frontier1822 Trenton 8:06pm B6 On Time 
Southwest5386 Indianapolis 4:15pm B6 On Time 
Southwest6164 Baltimore 12:10pm B6 Departed 
Southwest147 Indianapolis 10:25pm B6 On Time 
Frontier1161 Cincinnati 5:56pm B6 On Time 
Southwest1161 Milwaukee 6:25pm B6 On Time 
Southwest6379 Buffalo 8:35pm B6 On Time 
Frontier255 Columbus 1:56pm B5 On Time 
Frontier1830 Milwaukee 3:05pm B5 On Time 
Frontier825 Kansas City 5:09pm B5 On Time 
Frontier281 St. Louis 4:20pm B5 On Time 
Frontier1790 Islip 11:07am B5 Now 12:30P 
Southwest6368 Chicago-Midway 6:00pm B4 On Time 
Southwest6083 Pittsburgh 9:45pm B4 On Time 
Southwest5479 Columbus 1:45pm B4 Departed 
Southwest1569 Albany 3:45pm B4 Now 4:00P 
Southwest2050 Atlanta 7:45pm B4 On Time 
Air Canada1237 Toronto 1:40pm B3 Departed 
Air Canada1269 Montreal 12:25pm B3 Departed 
Air Canada1239 Toronto 8:25pm B3 Now 8:35P 
Southwest6334 Columbus 5:25pm B2 On Time 
Southwest213 Indianapolis 1:05pm B2 Departed 
Southwest233 Baltimore 3:20pm B2 On Time 
Southwest5888 St. Louis 9:10pm B2 On Time 
Southwest1779 Baltimore 7:30pm B2 On Time 
JetBlue1066 Boston 3:38pm  Now 4:30P 


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