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JetBlue629 New York-JFK 12:59am D8 On Time 10 
JetBlue1865 Boston 7:35pm D8 Now 7:46P 10 
JetBlue1711 Newark 2:15pm D8 Arrived 10 
JetBlue2061 New York-LGA 6:02pm D8 Now 6:18P 10 
JetBlue1103 Hartford 1:56pm D8 Arrived 10 
JetBlue481 Washington-DCA 4:44pm D8 Now 4:42P 10 
Spirit1153 Detroit 11:22pm D7 On Time 
JetBlue165 Boston 3:14pm D6 Now 3:57P 10 
JetBlue365 Boston 11:58pm D6 On Time 10 
JetBlue1051 White Plains 7:02pm D6 Now 6:49P 10 
JetBlue1729 New York-JFK 5:51pm D6 Now 5:42P 10 
JetBlue2029 New York-JFK 12:56pm D6 Arrived 10 
American2158 Dallas - Ft. Worth 2:43pm D5 Arrived 
American1179 Washington-DCA 4:09pm D5 Arrived 
American2561 Chicago O'Hare 5:06pm D5 Now 5:02P 
American801 Philadelphia 10:45pm D5 On Time 
American1930 Charlotte 6:39pm D5 On Time  
Spirit1160 St. Louis 6:42pm D4 Now 7:49P 
Spirit1013 Newark 4:14pm D4 En route 
Spirit1727 Indianapolis 7:39pm D4 Now 7:41P 
Spirit223 Chicago O'Hare 11:20pm D4 On Time 
Spirit3312 Indianapolis 3:40pm D4 Arrived 
Spirit1293 Milwaukee 5:25pm D4 On Time 
American2291 Chicago O'Hare 7:18pm D3 On Time 
American487 Philadelphia 4:28pm D3 Now 4:22P 
American1094 Charlotte 2:49pm D3 Arrived 
Spirit1178 Kansas City 5:25pm D2 On Time 
Spirit967 Cleveland 2:56pm D2 Arrived 
Spirit530 Pittsburgh 2:25pm D2 Arrived 
Spirit1233 Boston 3:41pm D10  
American2942 Charlotte 11:23pm D10 On Time 
Spirit1516 Louisville 2:29pm D10 Arrived 
American2203 Dallas - Ft. Worth 8:47pm D10 On Time 
Spirit943 Atlantic City 7:25pm D10 Now 7:30P 
American2736 Dallas - Ft. Worth 6:42pm D1 Now 6:37P 
American565 Charlotte 4:46pm D1 Now 5:04P 
American2474 Dallas - Ft. Worth 10:46pm D1 On Time 
Delta 2646 Minneapolis 10:48pm C9 Now 12:06A 
United Airlines1540 San Francisco 5:54pm C9 Now 5:34P 
Delta 1586 Minneapolis 2:33pm C8 Arrived 
Delta 1601 Boston 6:57pm C8 Now 7:07P 
Delta 2095 Detroit 9:38pm C8 On Time 
United Airlines422 Washington-IAD 8:40pm C7 Now 8:30P 
United Airlines2438 Newark 6:23pm C7 Now 6:42P 
Delta 2801 Atlanta 10:25pm C6 On Time 
Delta 2619 Minneapolis 5:40pm C6 Now 6:21P 
Delta 1561 Cincinnati 4:13pm C6 Now 4:10P 
United Airlines1927 Chicago O'Hare 5:47pm C5 Now 5:32P 
United Airlines531 Chicago O'Hare 2:46pm C5 Now 4:37P 
Delta 1489 Atlanta 8:30pm C4 On Time 
Delta 1713 Detroit 3:42pm C4 Arrived 
Delta 2735 Detroit 11:54pm C4 On Time 
Delta 1292 Atlanta 6:16pm C4 Now 6:12P 
Delta 1470 Atlanta 2:04pm C4 Arrived 
United Airlines3452 Milwaukee 7:04pm C3 Now 6:35P 
United Airlines550 Newark 2:16pm C3 Now 2:18P 
United Airlines1185 Newark 5:10pm C3 Now 5:11P 
United Airlines1623 Houston - IAH 3:42pm C3 Arrived 
United Airlines2602 Newark 10:14pm C3 Now 10:07P 
Delta 1423 Detroit 4:55pm C2 On Time 
Delta 1309 Atlanta 4:33pm C2 Now 4:31P 
Delta 2484 New York-LGA 2:12pm C2 Now 2:25P 
Delta 1534 New York-LGA 7:54pm C2 Now 7:40P 
United Airlines2025 Los Angeles 6:05pm C1 Now 5:36P 
United Airlines2601 Denver 3:46pm C1 Arrived 
United Airlines1626 Newark 7:33pm C1 Now 8:25P 
Sun Country 159 Madison 2:44pm B9 Now 2:48P 
Frontier823 Trenton 3:51pm B9 Now 5:05P  
Frontier911 Buffalo 6:32pm B7 Now 6:50P  
Frontier919 Grand Rapids 2:29pm B7 Arrived 
Frontier1745 Cincinnati 4:53pm B7 Now 5:03P  
Frontier947 Providence 3:42pm B7 Now 3:45P 
Southwest931 St. Louis 2:05pm B6 Now 2:06P 
Southwest1363 Houston - HOU 6:10pm B6 On Time  
Southwest1509 Orlando 4:10pm B6 Arrived  
Frontier2425 Cleveland 4:29pm B5 Now 4:37P  
Frontier927 Islip 2:58pm B5 Now 3:27P 
Frontier2357 Philadelphia 5:47pm B5 Now 5:36P  
Southwest1482 Pittsburgh 3:25pm B4 Arrived  
Southwest1244 Louisville 5:10pm B4 On Time  
Southwest2462 Baltimore 8:55pm B4 On Time  
Southwest1915 Milwaukee 7:25pm B4 On Time  
United Airlines2100 Denver 11:06pm B3 On Time 
Alaska794 Seattle 5:35pm B3 Now 5:19P 
Frontier938 Omaha 2:36pm B3 Arrived 
Southwest2042 Chicago O'Hare 6:50pm B2 Now 6:54P  
Southwest2429 Nashville 3:15pm B2 Arrived  
Southwest827 Denver 8:00pm B2 Now 8:06P  
Southwest2514 Columbus 4:50pm B2 Now 4:39P  
Air Canada Rouge1662 Toronto 3:19pm B1 Now 3:22P  
Avelo Airlines357 New Haven 5:45pm B1 On Time  
Southwest872 Indianapolis 9:35pm  On Time  
Southwest946 Atlanta 11:10pm  On Time  
Sun Country 180 Green Bay 10:48pm  On Time  
Southwest2482 St. Louis 10:45pm  On Time  
Southwest341 Dallas - Love Field 11:55pm  Now 12:50A  
Delta 2729 Atlanta 12:05am  On Time  
Frontier951 Portland,ME 12:21am  On Time  
Southwest2374 Chicago - Midway 9:25pm  On Time  


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