Don't Miss Your Flight this Thanksgiving!

  • We expect a very busy holiday at RSW and don’t want travelers to miss their flight. Please be in line at your security checkpoint at least 2 hours prior to flight departure. 

  • Due to the busy travel season we experience in Southwest Florida, the Lee County Port Authority is adding additional security checkpoint lanes to each concourse to meet this increased demand. The location used for the new equipment displaced the passenger queuing area in the hallways, so travelers will see more lines in the open areas of the terminal building.

  • Roads are busier during the holidays, so allow extra time to get to the airport. To avoid congestion on local roadways, use the I-75 Direct Connect to get to and from RSW. 

  • If there is inclement weather forecasted at destination or connecting airports, travelers should check with their air carrier to see if there are any changes to their flight schedules.

  • Be ready to place all electronics larger than a cellphone in a bin for security screening. Visit the Transportation Security Administration’s website at for tips about what you can and cannot bring through the security checkpoint.

  • LCPA has recently updated its animal ordinance for RSW. The revised changes do not apply to trained service animals used by an individual with a disability or any law enforcement animals in performance of their duties. All non-service animals, including emotional support animals, will not be allowed in the airport terminal, unless they are travelling with their owner/handler. Please have animal travel documents with you at all times and keep the animal in a carrier, carried or restrained on a leash no longer than 5-feet long.