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Public Outreach

This webpage has been set up to act as the central repository for the RSW Master Plan Update public outreach materials. The master plan process has been designed to engage the public in a transparent and collaborative manner. Due to public health concerns associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, it was decided that online engagement would be the best method to receive public comments at this time. This method of online engagement provides a safe and convenient method for the public to review Master Plan Update materials and draft chapters with an opportunity to provide comments to the Lee County Port Authority (LCPA) in a socially distant and convenient manner.


The Master Plan Update process is a multi-year effort that will take place from 2021 to 2023. The following graphic slide displays the content of each phase and when it will occur. For Phase 1, LCPA decided to pursue online community engagement, but for future phases, in-person public meetings will be reevaluated.

Master Plan Update Two-year Action Plan


Phase 1

The first round of Master Plan Update materials (video and presentation) covering the Introduction, Existing Conditions, Forecast of Aviation Demand, Demand/Capacity Assessment (Terminal Gating Only), Alternatives Development (Terminal Gating Only) can all be found below.

RSW Master Plan Update - Presentation 1

RSW Master Plan Update - Presentation Slides


    • Draft Chapter Documents

      The draft chapters 1-3 including the Introduction, Existing Conditions and Forecast of Aviation Demand are provided below for public review and comment. The Demand/Capacity Assessment and Alternatives Development for the Terminal Gate Planning were accelerated due to the immediate demand. The inventory and forecast for the Terminal Gate Planning was done under Phase 1. A refined gate and conceptual layout count will be conducted as part of the future phase of the Master Plan process.
      1. Introduction
      2. Existing Conditions
      3. Forecasting of Aviation Demand
      4. Demand/Capacity Assessment - Terminal Gate Planning Only*
      5. Alternatives Development - Terminal Gate Planning Only*

* If you would like to comment on the Terminal Gate Planning efforts, please provide comments on the applicable presentation slides/exhibits. Draft Master Plan chapters for Terminal Gate Planning will be prepared and provided for public review and comment in 2022.

Provide Public Comment

The Lee County Port Authority has solicited feedback from the region for the first phase of the Master Plan Update from Oct. 4-21, 2021. The public feedback portion for the second phase of the Master Plan Update will reopen in spring 2022.

Thank you again for providing the Lee County Port Authority with your input and comments, which will help create a more collaborative plan document that better reflects our region’s priorities.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the process, please contact the Lee County Port Authority Airport Planner Ian Sikonia, AICP at 239-590-4603.