Art in Flight: A 10-Year Anniversary (2005-2015)


Concourse B 

Volare' , Volaras
Xavier Brignoni

Above and Beyond
Michelle Rothacker

Taking Flight
Victor Flores

Art in Flight
Celeste Borah

Osprey Spumante
Tracy Owen Cullimore

Jim's Bird
Polly Matsumoto

It's a Bird...
Andy Browne

Flights of Fancy
Myriah S. Rohl

The Sky is the Limit
Mike Kiniry

The Gift of Flight
Daniel Venditti

Marilyn Hedlund

Window or Aisle?
Guy Tieman

Jessi Dilich

Let the Fairy in You Fly
Paula Eckerty

Catch Me if You Can
Beverly Taht

Pelicans in Flight II
Thomas Nagata

Where Will Your Next Flight Take Your Soul?
Reina Lombardi


Concourse D

Art in Flight in
Black and White

Carolyn Gora and
Ava Roeder

On a Wing
Paul Rodino

Star Plan
Veron Ennis

White Glove Service
Muffy Clark Gill

Over the Cape 10-14
Patricia H. Zalisko

Taking Flight
Leigh Herndon

Air Heart
Samuel Hudson

Rise and Shine On!
Juliana "Hoolie" Prytyka

Kevin Madieros

The Alpha Zulu
Cheryl Fausel

Pink in Motion
Bonnie Bohn

David Meo

Moving On...
Tony Fenner

Busy Day
John Scoppa

Flight of the Bumblebee
Lisa Chambers

One-Way Ticket
Leila Mesdaghi

Cantoya's Balloon
Lia Galletti


Art in Flight: A 10-Year Anniversary Brochure (PDF)