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Fly Friendly Program

When you fly into Page Field, you're not just landing at our airport - you're entering our neighborhood. Please keep in mind that thousands of people live within a short distance of the airport and they are sensitive to sounds of incoming and outgoing air traffic - both day and night. Help Page Field continue to be a good neighbor by following the voluntary procedures listed below.

Aerial of Page Field

Recommended Departure and Arrival Procedures Checklist:
    • Runway 5 is the designated calm wind runway
    • Gain as much altitude as possible before leaving airport boundaries, consistent with safety
    • Avoid intersection takeoffs
    • Maintain pattern altitude as long as practical and use PAPls or ILS for glide slope guidance on final approach
Recommended Touch and Go Procedures (All Runways)
Take Off:
    • Climb straight ahead to 700 feet before turning crosswind
    • On crosswind, climb to 800 feet before turning downwind
    • Climb at best rate to 1,000 feet pattern altitude
    • Remain at 1,000 feet pattern altitude as long as practicable
    • On final approach, maintain glideslope using PAPls or ILS
Aircraft Overflight Comments/Inquires

LCPA offers the public the ability to express their concerns and ask questions about aircraft overflight activities. For more information, please visit Submitting Aircraft Overflight Comments/Inquires.