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Pilot Information

Pilots appreciate the convenient location of Page Field, inside Fort Myers city limits and minutes from downtown, beaches and business districts. The airport is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is a designated DCA Gateway Airport. For more information about access to Reagan National Airport originating from Page Field, please Contact Us.

Air Traffic Control Tower
Operates 0700 to 2200 seven days a week
Phone: 239-936-7867 

Frequency/Nav Aids
Tower Frequency: 119.0
ATIS: 123.725
Ground: 121.7
Clearance Delivery: 121.7
FSS Miami: 122.65 and 122.2
NOTE: From 2200 to 0000 or 0600 to 0700, please contact Fort Myers Approach on 126.8. From 0000 to 0600, please contact Miami Center on 134.75. (All times local)
ILS Runway 05: 110.7
RSW VOR: 111.8
WX ASOS Phone: 239-936-2318 

Dusk to dawn 

Traffic Pattern Altitude
1,000’ MSL for piston aircraft and 1,500’ MSL for turbine aircraft.

Letter Identifier

Base Operations - FBO
Award-winning Base Operations at Page Field is the sole FBO at KFMY. For more information, click hereLocated on the west side of the field, they offer full-service Jet A and 100LL avgas as well as a variety of pilot services. Additionally, self-serve 100LL avgas is available 24 hours a day on the Southeast Ramp off the approach end of Runway 31. For current retail prices, click here.