Tips for Homeowners/Real Estate


Assess the Home Site

Visit the home site during various times, days and seasons (summer and winter) to observe aircraft operations in each operational mode (departure and takeoffs). Peak travel season for airport operations at RSW is the winter and the peak month is March, with gradual decreases during the summer months. There are two flight corridors for aircraft operations at RSW. When the winds are from the north or northeast, planes depart toward the northeast over Lehigh Acres and arrive from the west or southwest over Fort Myers Beach. When the winds are west or southwest, planes depart toward Interstate 75 and areas north of Alico Road zoned for commercial and industrial development and arrive over areas south of Alico Road and northeast over Lehigh Acres. The noise impact will be different for each operational mode at the home site, so it is important to visit the property at various times of the day.