Former Exhibits

Oh, The Places We Will Go!
Various Student Artist

Lee County School District art students took their imaginations on an adventure to discover the places they would like to go. Students were invited to work with 32-inch by 40-inch canvases and create original artwork for the Oh, The Places We Will Go! exhibit. Thirty pieces were submitted by 26 local elementary, middle and high schools. This unique collection is colorful and vibrant, reflecting travel throughout our world and beyond!

Honor, Country & Heroism
Various Artists

To honor the men and women of the armed forces, local artists were invited to create original artwork for the Honor, Country & Heroism exhibit. This collection includes 32 canvases submitted by 34 artists, including six military veterans. These pieces feature a vibrant color palette, paying tribute to our country’s heroes and welcoming our troops as they return home to Southwest Florida.

Art of the Olympians
Liston Bochette, Al Oerter and Larry Young

Art of the Olympians shares the ideals of excellence in mind, body and spirit through the fusion of art and sports. Through historic, artistic and educational exhibits, Art of the Olympians connects individuals to the passion, discipline and innovation of the Olympic world to encourage others to excel at their dreams. This exhibit features the drawing titled, Le Petite Couronne by Olympian Liston Bochette, a bobsled and decathlon Olympic athlete competing in 1984 (decathlon) and 1992, 1994, 1998, 2002 (bobsled); the painting titled, Starburst by Olympian artist Al Oerter, a four-time gold medalist in the discus throw, competing in the 1956, 1960, 1964 and 1968 Olympics; and the sculpture Tango by Olympian Larry Young, a two-time bronze medalist in 1968 and 1972 and the only American to ever win an Olympic medal in long-distance race walking. Young's sculpture is a replica of his original piece, which is on permanent display at the Walden Sculpture Gardens in Urbana, Ill.

Children of the Everglades
Photographs from the Hanson Family Archives

The Hanson Family Archives is a collection of more than 1,000 historic documents and images from 1884 to the mid-20th century, passed down through five generations of one of Fort Myers' first families. The Children of the Everglades exhibit features large-format photographs, most taken by W. Stanley Hanson in the 1920s and 1930s, depicting the lives of the Seminole-Miccosukee Indian children. The exhibit also includes a display of tribal artifacts and crafts, including patchwork dresses and jackets, sweet grass or pine needle baskets and palmetto dolls.

Fly Me to the Moon
Various Student Artists

"How would you get to the moon?" Lee County School District art teachers used this question as a starting point and let their students' imaginations take flight. Students were invited to work with 32-inch by 40-inch canvases and create original artwork for the Fly Me to the Moon exhibit. Thirty-two pieces were submitted by 30 local elementary, middle and high schools. This unique collection is colorful and vibrant, reflecting outer space, rockets, moons, airplanes, hot air balloons and more!

Turn, Turn, Turn: The Artistic Synthesis of Vinyl into Art
David Acevedo, R.Jackson, Amy Luettich Kellum and Angela Weiss

After purchasing an abandoned storage unit containing 60,000 vinyl records, renowned Captiva artist Rene Miville faced the tough question of what to do with all those records. His answer was to have Florida artists use the albums or their covers, or both, to create art. The result is "Turn, Turn, Turn," an exhibition of artists' uses of the vinyl records through multimedia sculptures curated by Miville. A selection of the exhibit is on display at Southwest Florida International Airport featuring the pieces Hombre by David Acevedo, The Guardian of Vinyl by R. Jackson, Let It Quilting Bee by Amy Luettich Kellum and Universal Language by Angela Weiss.

Remembrance of 9-11
Leoma Lovegrove

Artist Leoma Lovegrove painted this piece during an event to commemorate those who lost their lives in New York City and to honor those who conducted rescue efforts during the 9-11 tragedy. The lyrics of "God Bless America" are emblazoned on the flag itself. Surrounding Lovegrove's work are smaller canvases painted by audience members who seized the opportunity to express their own feelings about that historic day.

Manfred Behr

Manfred Behr's work features large canvas photography prints with an artistic composition, featuring Florida landscapes, flowers and wildlife. Behr is a multi-talented artist who began his career as a commercial artist. Behr earned two awards from the German Ministry of Economy for outstanding furniture designs. Then, as an illustrator and photographer, he was the recipient of an American Advertising Award. He was also a nominee for the Alliance for the Arts' 2004 Angels of the Arts Award and was presented with the Florida's Finest Award for exceptional achievement from the Governor of Florida. In addition, he received an Award of Excellence and became a finalist in Photographer's Forum magazine's annual spring photography contest.

Discovering Southwest Florida with Thomas Edison and Henry Ford
The Edison & Ford Winter Estates

Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and their families came to Southwest Florida more than a hundred years ago when Fort Myers boasted only a few hundred families. They established riverside neighboring estates, a botanical laboratory and research gardens from 1885 through the 1930s. They vacationed here, exploring Florida and enjoying the beaches, waterways, fishing, hunting and visits from their famous friends. The Discovering Southwest Florida with Thomas Edison and Henry Ford exhibit features a collection of historic photographs of Edison and Ford's favorite pastimes in Southwest Florida accompanied with contemporary photographs and artifacts from the estates' collection.