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Construction Progress

Runway 5-23 will be closing on Wednesday, April 19, at 0700 local time. This closure is scheduled for 94 continuous days. In order to help with the flow of traffic to and from Runway 13-31 during this closure, we will be opening the new section of Taxiway E between Runway 5-23 and Taxiway D, as well as Taxiway A between Runway 13-31 and Taxiway E (see diagram for reference). 

Work in the intersection of the runways is scheduled to commence on Monday, June 5 at 0700 local. The scheduled closure will be for five days with Runway 13-31 scheduled to reopen on Friday, June 9 at 1500. The airport will remain open to helicopter traffic. 

Barring any inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances, there is a possibility of completing the intersection work in less time. If this happens, we will open Runway 13-31 as soon as safely possible and send a notification to that effect.

Note, we may have to move back the date of the closure if we have a significant weather system forecast for the area that would negatively impact the required work.   

In the near future, and prior to the intersection closure, we will need to close the Runway 5-23/Taxiway E intersection to allow crews to continue their milling and paving on the runway. This closure is expected to last approximately one week and will reduce taxi route options to and from the south quadrant. 

We understand this is an inconvenience to you and we appreciate your cooperation, understanding and continued support of Page Field. 

Please check NOTAMs for current airfield conditions and closures.  

Construction Notices