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Construction Progress

We are nearing the end of the Page Field Pavement Rehabilitation Project for Runway 5-23. Paving of the newly constructed section of Taxiway C between 13-31 is expected to commence on Nov. 13.

The Rehabilitation Project for Runway 13-31 has officially started. This project includes pavement rehabilitation, new lighting and signage for the runway and Taxiway B and extending Taxiway E from E2 to the approach end of Runway 13.

An overnight closure of Runway 5-23 will begin Thursday, Nov. 30, 2017 at 2100 and reopening the following morning at 0700. This closure is part of the Runway 13-31 rehabilitation and is needed to permit safe paving operations on Runway 13-31 in the Runway Safety Area of 5-23.

Taxiway E remains open in its entirety and Taxiway A is now open between Runway 13-31 and Taxiway A-3.

Taxiway C remains closed between Taxiway B and Taxiway C-6 (approach end of Runway 23).

Please click on the link below for a diagram of current runway and taxiway closures.

Please continue to check NOTAMs for the most current airfield information. Thank you.


Construction Notices