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Construction Progress

The recent heavy rains negatively impacted our ability to complete all of the scheduled work on Runway 5-23 and the associated safety area during the previously scheduled overnight closures. In order to complete the work we have scheduled additional overnight closures next week as follows:

    • Tuesday, September 5 - close 5-23 at 2100 local and open Wednesday at 0700.
    • Wednesday, September 6 - close 5-23 at 2100 and open Thursday at 0700
    • Thursday, September 7 - close 5-23 at 2100 and open Friday at 0700.

The scheduled extended closure for Runway 13-31 has been postponed until all necessary work on 5-23 is complete.

Taxiway E remains open in its entirety and Taxiway A is now open between Runway 13-31 and Taxiway A-3.

Taxiway C remains closed between Taxiway B and Taxiway C-6 (approach end of Runway 23).

Please click on the link below for a diagram of current runway and taxiway closures.

As always, please continue to check NOTAMs for the most current airfield information. Thank you.

Construction Update July 31, 2017:

Due to the recent heavy rains, not all necessary work in the runway safety areas has been completed. As a result, Runway 5-23 will not open as scheduled on Aug. 1. We are now working toward having the runway open Friday, Aug. 4, 2017 at 1400.

Please be advised the new PAPIs on Runway 5-23 are not expected to be commissioned until mid-October. Additionally, the ILS is expected to remain out of service until about the same time. 

Runway 13-31 will close in late August to allow for the continued construction of Taxiway C. A separate notice regarding this closure will be sent once a firm date is established. 

Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation. 

Construction Notices