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Silver Airways134 Orlando 1:05pm D9A On Time  
Silver Airways128 Key West 3:55pm D9A On Time  
JetBlue1251 Westchester Cnty 11:19am D8 Arrived 10 
JetBlue811 Newark 12:40pm D8 Arrived 10 
JetBlue429 New York-JFK 11:59pm D8 On Time 10 
JetBlue865 Boston 2:29pm D8 Now 2:15P 10 
JetBlue1729 New York-JFK 6:13pm D8 Now 6:10P 10 
JetBlue1581 Washington-DCA 12:22pm D6 Arrived 10 
JetBlue1065 Boston 7:17pm D6 Now 7:11P 10 
JetBlue481 Washington-DCA 5:08pm D6 Now 5:09P 10 
JetBlue903 Hartford 2:02pm D6 Now 1:57P 10 
JetBlue165 Boston 9:21pm D6 On Time 10 
American2507 Dallas-Ft. Worth 5:54pm D5 On Time 
American703 Philadelphia 3:49pm D5 Now 3:38P 
American1697 Philadelphia 1:35pm D5 Now 1:26P 
American2530 Chicago O Hare 11:20am D5 Arrived 
American1465 Charlotte 9:41pm D5 On Time 
Spirit945 Atlantic City 8:10pm D4 On Time 
Spirit683 Detroit 3:46pm D4 Now 3:32P 
Spirit121 Chicago O Hare 10:52am D4 Arrived 
American2046 Charlotte 2:00pm D3 On Time 
American1063 Dallas-Ft. Worth 4:03pm D3 Now 4:05P 
American2634 Chicago O Hare 12:40pm D3 Now 12:52P 
American4476 Washington-DCA 11:25am D3 Arrived 
American2366 Dallas-Ft. Worth 11:59pm D3 On Time 
American2033 Charlotte 6:30pm D3 On Time 
Spirit529 Pittsburgh 3:59pm D2 Now 4:15P 
Spirit689 Detroit 11:13pm D2 On Time 
Spirit368 Baltimore 2:45pm D2 Now 2:39P 
Spirit223 Chicago O Hare 8:14pm D2 On Time 
Spirit827 Hartford 7:04pm D2 On Time 
Spirit321 Minneapolis 7:22pm D2 On Time 
Spirit937 Boston 10:23am D2 Now 10:59A 
Spirit967 Cleveland 6:06pm D2 On Time 
American2113 Philadelphia 9:59pm D10 On Time 
American2759 Chicago O Hare 6:57pm D1 On Time 
American1267 Chicago O Hare 3:56pm D1 Now 4:10P 
American1686 Philadelphia 11:33am D1 Arrived 
American1879 Charlotte 11:59pm D1 On Time 
American5090 Washington-DCA 1:04pm D1 Now 12:55P 
Delta 3440 Cincinnati 1:43pm C9 Now 1:45P 
Delta 3637 New York-LGA 11:17pm C9 On Time  
Delta 4026 New York-LGA 3:16pm C9 Now 2:42P 
Delta 2177 Detroit 3:18pm C8 Now 2:53P 
Delta 1226 Atlanta 11:05pm C8 On Time  
Delta 2331 Atlanta 9:35pm C6 On Time  
Delta 2906 Detroit 11:25pm C6 On Time  
Delta 2335 Atlanta 12:35pm C6 Arrived 
Delta 957 Minneapolis 2:48pm C6 Now 2:30P 
United Airlines1599 Houston-IAH 3:28pm C5 Now 3:23P 
United Airlines1189 Chicago O Hare 11:24am C5 Now 11:26A 
Delta 853 Detroit 10:45am C4 Arrived 
Delta 1136 Atlanta 4:23pm C4 On Time 
Delta 2396 Atlanta 5:50pm C4 On Time 
United Airlines1593 Houston-IAH 11:14pm C3 On Time 
United Airlines1649 Newark 2:30pm C3 Now 2:21P 
United Airlines1985 Newark 7:22pm C3 Now 7:17P 
Delta 1765 Atlanta 2:20pm C2 Now 2:14P 
United Airlines1857 Newark 11:53pm C1 On Time 
West Jet1184 Toronto 11:13am C1 Now 11:43A 
Frontier1938 Kansas City 4:19pm B9 Now 4:17P 
Sun Country 383 Minneapolis 11:06am B9 Arrived 
Southwest2964 Baltimore 10:50pm B9 On Time  
Southwest4082 Atlanta 9:30pm B8 On Time  
Frontier254 Columbus 3:40pm B7 Now 3:29P 
Frontier1316 Chicago O Hare 6:40pm B7 On Time 
Frontier1389 Cleveland 1:59pm B7 Now 2:03P 
Sun Country 387 Minneapolis 8:26pm B7 On Time  
Southwest4108 St. Louis 8:15pm B6 On Time  
Southwest5379 Chicago-Midway 6:50pm B6 On Time  
Southwest6058 Indianapolis 1:10pm B6 In Range  
Frontier1831 Milwaukee 10:20pm B5 On Time 
Frontier1876 Colorado Springs 4:42pm B5 Now 4:38P 
Frontier1825 Buffalo 2:00pm B5 Now 2:08P 
Frontier1806 St. Louis 3:37pm B5 Now 3:31P 
Frontier1522 Grand Rapids 5:35pm B5 Now 5:46P 
Frontier1037 Philadelphia 1:13pm B5 Arrived 
Frontier1821 Trenton 7:24pm B5 On Time 
Southwest201 Chicago-Midway 4:30pm B4 On Time  
Southwest3068 Columbus 6:40pm B4 On Time  
Southwest3884 Atlanta 12:45pm B4 Arrived  
Southwest3303 Baltimore 11:40am B4 Arrived  
Southwest3825 Hartford 9:55pm B4 Now 10:15P  
Air Canada1268 Montreal 11:33am B3 Now 11:38A 
Air Canada1234 Toronto 12:40pm B3 Arrived  
Air Canada1236 Toronto 7:30pm B3 On Time  
Southwest3386 Baltimore 4:20pm B2 On Time  
Southwest4331 Chicago-Midway 10:55am B2 Arrived  
Southwest5845 Milwaukee 8:05pm B2 Now 9:00P  
Southwest4497 St. Louis 12:15pm B2 Arrived  
Southwest5204 Indianapolis 6:05pm B2 On Time  
Southwest2576 Baltimore 7:10pm B2 On Time  
Delta 1050 Atlanta 12:20am  On Time  
Air Canada1238 Toronto 12:05am  On Time  
JetBlue1511 Newark 12:13am  On Time 10 


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